U-Bolts From Bristol Machine Company

Round U-Bolts at Bristol Machine Company are bolts in the shape of the letter U with screw threads on both ends. U-Bolts are typically used for to support pipework and attaching pipes or steel round bars to a round wood or steel posts. Other common applications for U-Bolts is to hang wrought iron pipe in mechanical installations, to support pipes through which fluids and gasses pass, and can be used as anchor bolts.

The four traits that define any U-Bolt from Bristol Machine Company are:

  • Material Type
  • Thread Dimensions
  • Inside Diameter
  • Inside Height

Square Bend U-Bolts are also available at Bristol Machine Company upon request.

Product Manufacturing at Bristol Machine Company

All Fabricated Products at Bristol Machine Company are available in 1/2” – 4” diameter, in F1554-36, F1554-55, F1554-105, A193-B7, A354-BD, & A449 specifications, and are available in a Plain, Zinc Plated, or Hot-Dip Galvanized finish.

Specifications Available

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    Specifications Available

    F1554-36, F1554-55, F1554-10, A193-B7, A354-BD, A449

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