TONE Electric Shear Wrenches 

TONE Electric Shear Wrenches at Bristol Machine Company are designed to be used with Tension Control Bolts, or TC Bolts. TC Bolts are installed using a TONE Electric Shear Wrench which has an outer socket that turns the nut counter-clockwise, while grabbing the spline with the inner socket turning it clockwise. The torque inside the tool will increase until the desired shear strength is reached, and when that happens the end of the bolt (the spline) will snap off. The tool does all the work.

TONE is a world leader in the development of torque management solutions for the following industries:

  • Alternative Energy & Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Bridge Construction
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Plant Engineering
  • General Industry

Bristol Machine Company currently has four models of TONE Shear Wrenches available for purchase (S-61EZ, GS-91EZ, GS-111EZ, and GHC-241EZ) as well as Socket Sets for each model. 

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Tone Electric Shear Wrenches Available

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